Rogue Fitness Turkish Get-Up Challenge Results — Garbo, Baumgartner Win

The Rogue Fitness Turkish Get-Up challenge went from April 22-25, 2022, and the results are in. John Garbo and Christa Baumgartner reached the top of the podiums for the men’s and women’s divisions. Participating athletes established their max weight Turkish Get-Ups utilizing a barbell and weight plates, using whichever hand they chose.

Garbo successfully moved from the bottom to the top of a Turkish get-up with 240 pounds. Baumgartner performed the same movement with 115 pounds and won via the tiebreaker of lower body weight than runner-up Shayna Wirihana who successfully attempted the same weight.


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  1. 2022 Rogue Fitness Turkish-Get Up Challenge
    1. Men’s Division
    2. Women’s Division
    3. Top Gyms
  2. Turkish Get-Up Prize Pool

2022 Rogue Fitness Turkish-Get Up Challenge

Here are the full results:

Men’s Division

  1. John Garbo — 240 pounds
  2. Aleksa Acimovic — 237 pounds
  3. Lucian Silviu Croitor — 234 pounds

Women’s Division

  1. Christa Baumgartner — 115 pounds
  2. Shayna Wirihana — 115 pounds
  3. Jackie Vazquez — 110 pounds

Top Gyms

  1. Rushmore CrossFit
  2. CrossFit Sworn
  3. CrossFit Currahee

Participating athletes were allowed to make as many attempts as possible within a video time capped at 10 minutes. Rogue clarified in their movement standards that while a standard Turkish get-up involves moving from a lying position to standing and then lying back down, participants only had to move from the starting position to standing.

Only four male athletes eclipsed 200 pounds. In addition to those who made the podium, fourth-place finisher Michael Aidala scored a 203-pound lift. Eight women eclipsed the 100-pound mark, including strongwoman Donna Moore who secured 102 pounds, and CrossFitter Carolyne Prevost, who locked out 105 pounds.


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Turkish Get-Up Prize Pool

The prize pools were the same for both the men’s and women’s divisions. The top three athletes received the following:

  1. $2,500, an Ohio barbell, full competition weight plate set
  2. $1,000 and full competition weight plate set
  3. $500 and a pair of 45-pound competition weight plates

Additionally, the winning gyms, tabulated by the most members competing in the challenge, each won a full competition weight plate set.

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