Olympic Champion Akbar Djuraev (109KG) Clean & Jerks Unofficial World Record 245KG in Training

Djuraev is widening his lead. On May 27, 2022, the 2020 Olympic Games gold medalist in the Men’s 109-kilogram division posted a massive training lift to social media. The Uzbek weightlifter successfully clean & jerked 245 kilograms, or 540.1 pounds — an unofficial World Record

Kilogram by kilogram, Djuraev continues to make the case that he’s the top dog in the 109-kilogram class. You can check out the 22-year-old’s monstrous lift below, courtesy of the Uzbekistan weightlifting team’s Instagram account (Djuraev posted an alternate angle on his own page): 


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After a visibly heavy clean, Djuraev found himself pinned in the bottom of his catch position for a moment. He was able to stand the weight up with confidence, though, putting his immense leg strength on full display.

Djuraev sent the bar to arm’s length overhead with a split jerk and took a couple of seconds to balance himself and recover to a stable standing position before dropping the weight. He wore knee sleeves, a weightlifting belt, and wrist wraps to perform the lift. 

  1. Akbar Djuraev’s Weightlifting Career
    1. Akbar Djuraev Major Competition Results
    2. Akbar Djuraev Clean & Jerk Progress
  2. A New Era? 

Akbar Djuraev’s Weightlifting Career

At only 22 years of age, the young Uzbek lifter is making strides in his career that place him alongside some of the most dominant heavyweight lifters ever.

Djuraev is the second-youngest heavyweight Olympic Champion since 2000 (2008 Games winner Andrei Aramnau was also 20 when he won the Men’s 105-kilogram competition, but was a few months younger than Djuraev at the time).


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Moreover, Djuraev has placed first in four out of his last five international competitions. He lost by a single kilogram at the 2020 Asian Championships to teammate and 2016 Olympic Champion Ruslan Nurudinov.

Akbar Djuraev Major Competition Results

Djuraev’s strength in the clean & jerk is quickly becoming insurmountable by his competitors. His 245-kilogram training lift exceeds the current World Record of 241 kilos (held by Nurudinov and set in April of 2021).

However, it is one kilo behind the former heavyweight record of 246 kilograms, lifted at 105 kilograms bodyweight in 2015 by two-time Olympic Champion Ilya Ilyin (weightlifting’s competition classes were reorganized in 2018). 

The heaviest competition clean & jerk ever from a non-superheavyweight belongs to Yuri Zakharevich — 250.5 kilograms at 110 kilograms bodyweight, set in 1988.

Akbar Djuraev Clean & Jerk Progress

These are Djuraev’s best yearly competition results in the clean & jerk, according to the International Weightlifting Federation‘s athlete registry

  • 2017: 199 kilograms | World Weightlifting Championships
  • 2018: 213 kilograms | International Qatar Cup
  • 2019: 229 kilograms | World Weightlifting Championships
  • 2020: 221 kilograms | International Solidarity Championships*
  • 2021: 238 kilograms | World Weightlifting Championships 

Note: Almost all sanctioned weightlifting competitions were moved online, postponed, or canceled throughout 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic

A New Era? 

You can trace a clear line in Djuraev’s performance both in the gym and on the competition platform — a line that is trending upward. While he holds both Olympic Champion and World Champion titles to his name, Djuraev has yet to claim a Senior World Record.

As of May 2022, all three of the 109-kilogram records are held by different athletes. China’s Yang Zhe owns the snatch record at 200 kilograms, Nurudinov the clean & jerk at 241 kilograms, and the Total record (both lifts added together) of 435 kilos belongs to Armenia’s Simon Martirosyan

However, it is becoming quite clear that all of these men are in danger of having their names scrubbed from the record books. If Djuraev can bring his gym strength to the competition stage, it’s starting to look like a sure thing. 

Featured Image: @uzb_weightlifting_team on Instagram

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