Nick Walker Approaches 300 Pounds During Off-Season Ahead of 2022 Mr. Olympia

Reigning Arnold Classic champion Nick Walker is one of the fastest rising stars in the sport. The Men’s Open bodybuilder shared a physique update on May 25, 2022, and is still adding muscle mass to his already-gargantuan build.

Woke up at 294.6, up a pound from the last check-in.

Walker is preparing his physique in a calculated manner for the upcoming Mr. Olympia contest later this year. The New Jersey native is confident in his abilities and became one of the sport’s biggest names following an incredible 2021 season in the sport. You can check out Nick Walker’s physique update below on Instagram.


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"Woke up at 294.6, up a pound from the last check-in," Walker wrote on social. "Strength is still rising here on a weekly basis. Workouts are top-notch. I’m extremely happy with how everything is going and how I’m progressing. My appetite is still in a very good place. Still plenty of time!"

  1. About Nick Walker
  2. The Future for Walker 

About Nick Walker

Walker quickly established himself as a name to watch in the IFBB Pro League in 2021. His muscularity and size have no doubt contributed to his continued success on some of bodybuilding’s biggest stages.

Walker’s 2021 season started at the New York Pro, a competition he won handily. As a result of the victory, the 27-year-old earned his qualification to compete at his first Mr. Olympia show that same year.

Before his first Olympia appearance, Walker took his talents to the 2021 Arnold Classic and won the show on his first attempt. The victory was especially impressive because Walker predicted he would win the show before entering.


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A post shared by Nick "the Mutant" Walker (@nick_walker39)

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Despite the lack of experience, Walker convincingly made his case as the best athlete on stage and defeated the likes of Iain Valliere and Steve Kuclo in the process. Walker capped off his season competing at the 2021 Mr. Olympia contest, ultimately securing a fifth-place position.

"The Mutant" routinely shares social media posts and videos detailing some of the workouts he’s using to get ready for his season. One such routine saw him joined by 2019 212 division Mr. Olympia Kamal Elgargni. The footage showed both bodybuilders hitting a harrowing leg training session.

The Future for Walker 

In February 2022, Walker announced that he started working with Dominick Mutascio. Walker parted ways with his former coach Matt Jansen amicably. Since then, he’s posted a series of impressively heavily lifts, including incline dumbbell presses with 200 pounds and seated shoulder presses with 165 pounds

Walker addresses training in a thorough manner and is laser-focused on making incremental gains during this stage of his prep. After commanding such a stellar 2021 season in the sport, anticipation for his return to the Mr. Olympia stage continues to grow.

Featured Image: @nick_walker39 on Instagram

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