Learn the Best Single-Arm Row Variations for Absurd Upper Back Strength

You might love training your back with barbells, and you’re not alone. With these lengthy tools, you can slap on as many weight plates as you’ve trained for and pull incredibly heavy iron off the ground. But barbells are not the only implement that can help you craft massive strength in your posterior chain. Dumbbells are also a crucial part of well-rounded strength training — especially if you work single-arm dumbbell rows and their variations into your program.

Single-arm dumbbell rows may not be as glamorous as an iron-clanking deadlift or Pendlay row, but they’re a force to be reckoned with. All you need is a weight bench and a dumbbell — and a lot of mental grit — to combat any side-to-side strength imbalances that might be cramping your back gain style. Because they target your lats so well, single-arm dumbbell row variations of all kinds are a fantastic way to build a broad, strong back.