Karlos Nasar (89KG) Scores Three Junior World Records at 2022 European Weightlifting Championships

The 2022 European Weightlifting Championships (EWC) were held from May 28 through June 5, 2022, in Tirana, Albania. 18-year-old weightlifter Karlos Nasar of Bulgaria moved up to the 89-kilogram class for the first time in his career for the contest. As the 2021 IWF World Champion of the 81-kilogram weight class, he is no stranger to the world stage. In Tirana, he scored three Junior World Records with the following results:

2022 European World Championships | Karlos Nasar, 89KG

  • Snatch — 171 kilograms (377 pounds) — Junior World Record
  • Clean & Jerk — 211 kilograms (465.2 pounds) — Junior World Record
  • Total — 382 kilograms (842.2 pounds) — Junior World Record

Nasar exceeded the previous Junior snatch World Record held by Karen Avagyan of Armenia by a kilogram, the previous Junior clean & jerk World Record held by Keydomar Giovanni Vallenilla Sanchez of Venezuela by seven kilograms, and the previous Junior total World Record held by Revaz Davitadze of Georgia by 11 kilograms. Davitadze earned the bronze at 89-kilograms at the 2022 EWC via a 369-kilogram (813.5-pound) total.


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  1. 2022 European World Championships | Karlos Nasar, 89KG
  • 2022 European Weightlifting Championships Podium | 89KG
  • 2022 European Weightlifting Championships Podium | 89KG

    Nasar earned a silver medal at the 2022 EWC. Antonino Pizzolato of Italy was the only weightlifter to score a heavier total than Nasar by locking out a World Record clean & jerk of 217 kilograms (478.4 pounds) and a 175-kilogram (385.8-pound) snatch for a World Record total of 392 kilograms (864.2 pounds). The results for the Men’s 89KG category are:

    1. Antonino Pizzolato (ITA) — 392 kilograms (864.2 pounds)
    2. Karlos Nasar (BUL) — 382 kilograms (842.2 pounds)
    3. Revaz Davitadze (GEO) — 369-kilograms (813.5 pounds)

    Nasar achieving three Junior World Records seemed to be the expectation entering the event due to his consistent performances in training. He shared videos on social media of him scoring unofficial world record clean & jerks on multiple occasions.

    In April 2022, Nasar locked out a 210-kilogram (463-pound) clean & jerk. On May 6, 2022, Nasar hoisted a 211-kilogram clean & jerk overhead — a preview of what he accomplished in Tirana. At 17 years of age, he was also caught on film snatching 175 kilograms — the same weight achieved by Pizzolato at the 2022 EWC.

    The 2022 EWC will conclude on June 5, 2022.

    Featured image: @karlosnasar on Instagram

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