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While the number of people opting to invest in home gyms has increased, the integration of Artificial Intelligence in gym equipment has also increased. The Fiture Home Gym is one of the newest technologically advanced smart gyms to hit the market, offering individuals a wide array of workout classes, including HIITstrength training, and even yoga. Fiture brings the concept of personal training into the comfort of your home with over 100 classes for you to join. 

Each class is led by an instructor as they take you through a warm-up, the actual workout, and a cool down. A camera toward the bottom of the Fiture display allows you to receive feedback on your form. Prompts will pop up on the screen during your workout, and help you correct your movements — don’t worry though, your purchase comes with a lens cover for your privacy. If you’re looking to work up a proper sweat in your home with certified trainers, Fiture may be a good fit for you. 

Main Takeaways

  • Fiture has a sleek design, resembling a smartphone/mirror combo, and takes up minimal space. It’s 68 inches tall when on its stand, 23 inches wide, and only has a depth of about 1.6 inches.
  • Fiture has over 100 classes for you to choose from, and they add new classes every couple of days. The live form corrector will count your reps, and correct your form during these classes.
  • There’s a "Challenges" tab that puts you head-to-head against the rest of the Fiture community. You have 60 seconds to perform as many reps of a specific exercise (such as squats) as you can — the more you do, the better your global rank will be.




This smart gym has a footprint similar to a full-length mirror. With Fiture, you can choose from hundreds of workouts from strength training to yoga, and bring personal training into the comfort of your home.

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  • Fiture Home Gym Highlights

    The beauty of smart gyms like Fiture is that there is likely a class for everyone to focus on their specific needs. The footprint is similar to that of a full length mirror, and when mounted it takes up virtually no space. Once you have your Fiture installed, you are required to pair it to your phone to use the companion app — this is how you browse the available classes. You can browse through the workout categories that range from boxing to pilates and strength training, among many more. 

    You also have the ability to filter the classes by equipment type, which part of the body you wish to focus on, the length of the class, and/or which instructor you want to lead your class. It is worth mentioning that in order to gain access to the available classes, you must sign up for a membership, which is going to cost you around $40 a month. While there are not any live classes for you to join at this time, the on-demand options feel pretty extensive. 

    Another thing worth noting is that if you are wanting to mainly focus on strength training with free weights, this may not be the best tool for you. While you will definitely burn calories, work up a sweat, and get a solid workout in, building muscle and progressive overload are not the main focus goals for Fiture. We found this product to be more centered around cardio and flexibility

    Who Should Buy the Fiture Home Gym

    • Anyone living in a studio apartment, or who is tight on space will love the small footprint of Fiture. You can fit it almost anywhere — we just recommend having around eight square feet of space.
    • Those who want to get a proper workout in without leaving the comfort of their home. Fiture makes coached workouts very accessible.
    • If you’re new to fitness, you will likely enjoy that each class is led by an instructor who will demonstrate exactly how to do each exercise, and also provide motivation.

    Who Shouldn’t Buy the Fiture Home Gym

    • The $1,500 price tag for Fiture may be too expensive for those on a strict budget, especially once you tack on the additional $40 per month for the membership.
    • Folks who want to focus specifically on strength training are likely going to want to consider another product. While there are strength training classes available, you might not be able to build muscle the way you could with a more weight-training focused smart home gym.
    • Customers who want a smart gym that comes with a set of weights for your workouts may be disappointed that Fiture does not offer any weights, even in their accessories package.
    • Athletes who want to join live classes may be discouraged that Fiture does not offer any live classes at this time.


    Pricing is pretty straightforward with Fiture as there is only one option for you to choose from. The Fiture machine itself is priced right around $1,500, and does not include any accessories. When you go to check out, you have the option to add on the "Fit Kit" for an additional $150, this includes a heart rate monitorresistance bands, water bottle, and a set of face masks. We aren’t too sure why face masks are included, but I guess we could all use a couple extra, just in case.

    We were a bit disappointed to find that there are not any dumbbells, or even a yoga mat for you to purchase. So if you plan on joining the classes that require those specific accessories, you will need to purchase them elsewhere. 

    While this may be nearly $1,700 up front, and you will have to pay $40 per month for the membership fee, you do have the luxury of financing your Fiture through Affirm. This will split your purchase up into monthly payments of around $40 for the Fiture, so you would be spending $80 per month. While that may seem like a lot of money, you may actually be saving money long term compared to the cost of a gym membership and/or personal training classes. So if you don’t lift a ton of heavy weight, but you’re looking to burn some calories in your home — this may be a good option for you to consider.

    Fiture also has this cool feature on their website that will help you calculate how much money you can expect to spend depending on how often you plan on working out, as well as how many people are on your membership.

    So for instance, if you are flying solo on your membership and plan on working out four times a week, you’d be looking at spending around $2.40 per class. If you had one additional person on your membership and you both want to workout four times a week, that cost will be reduced to about 60 cents per class. If you had the max number of six people on your membership, you’d be paying pennies for each class.

    Overall Build and Quality

    When it comes to the footprint of Fiture, it’s virtually identical to that of a full-length mirror. When on the stand, it’s 68 inches tall, 23 inches wide, and has a depth of 1.6 inches. The beauty of the Fiture is that it only weighs 60 pounds, so you can easily move it around your home when on the stand. While the space required for each class will vary, we recommend you have about eight square feet of space to perform your exercises comfortably.

    The frame is crafted from steel, which will add to the durability of the Fiture, while the screen is glass, so it’s best to make sure it’s placed somewhere safe in your home to ensure it doesn’t break. The frame is also available in five different colors that are listed as Stardust, Night, Ocean, Oasis, and Sunlight. 


    Fiture has a variety of features that make it a unique product. The technology is what stood out the most to us. The companion app allows you to control everything that Fiture does (the machine itself is not a touchscreen). From the app, you can select which class you want to participate in, and even track your activity. This activity tab will show your stats from the past week, past month, and of all time — including your total time spent working out, how many days you worked out, the amount of classes you completed, and the total number of calories you burned. 

    There are also Bluetooth capabilities that will allow you to sync a heart rate monitor or fitness tracker, as well as your headphones, or a speaker. The camera is what brings the aspect of personal training into your home, as it provides feedback and suggestions to correct your form when needed. The display is 43 inches, and has a 1080p HD picture for a clear image.

    What may separate Fiture from the competition is that it can read your hand gestures. To jump to the next workout, simply raise your hand, and Fiture will take care of that for you. On their website, it’s advertised that you can also give Fiture a thumbs up or down depending on how you felt about the class, and that will serve to better show you recommended classes you will actually like. We weren’t able to get that function to work for us, but that may just be a classic case of operator error.


    Since the 43-inch display only takes up a fraction of the Fiture, you can still see yourself during your workouts to monitor your own form. Plus, it features 1080p HD quality for a crystal clear experience. It’s worth nothing that this is not a touchscreen display (even though it may appear to be at first glance). 


    When it comes to the accessories offered from Fiture, you don’t have a whole lot to work with. The separate Fit Kit comes with a set of resistance bands, a heart rate monitor, a water bottle, and a set of face masks. This extra $150 is a totally optional purchase, and is not required to use Fiture.

    We were a bit surprised to find that there are not any dumbbells for you to purchase on the Fiture website. So if you don’t already have your own set or pair, you will need to purchase some from another company to participate in some of the strength training classes. If you are tight on space, we recommend getting yourself a pair of adjustable dumbbells

    Companion App

    Because Fiture is not touchscreen, it is imperative that you download the companion app to access the classes. The good news is that it is available for both iOS and Android phones. Once you have your Fiture and phone paired up, you can control everything this smart gym does. You can scroll through the available classes, set your training goals, control the volume, and even track your overall activity.

    When you select a class, it will show you the muscle groups that you’ll work, as well as provide a brief overview of the class. One thing worth mentioning is that you cannot stream the workouts from your phone like some other smart gyms allow you to do if you’re ever on the go. 


    While there are over 100 separate classes for you to choose from in an on-demand fashion, we were a bit surprised to learn that there are not any live classes available. That shouldn’t discourage you though — you still have access to a variety of HIIT classes, bodyweight strength classes, yoga classes, and more, so you have a good chance of finding something to fit your needs. You can filter your results by equipment type, body type, length of class, and even which instructor you want to lead the class. 

    There’s a trending tab that features the most popular classes at any given moment, and you can also categorize those results by the type of class. While there is no leaderboard function for the classes, the challenges tab does in fact use a global leaderboard. These challenges will require you to perform as many reps as possible of a specific exercise in 60 seconds — the more you do, the higher your rank. 

    There are new classes added every couple of days, and each individual class is led by a certified instructor. They will start you out with a warm up, the actual workout, and a cool down. Throughout the duration of the class, they will explain how to perform each exercise, and provide motivation along the way. 


    Not only do you need to download the companion app onto your phone to gain access to the classes, you also are required to pay an additional $40 per month for the membership. While this may wind up being pretty expensive, you have the ability to add up to six friends onto your membership. So if you have family members, roommates, or your friends who also want to work out with Fiture, you can split that payment with them to bring the cost down.

    Inviting your friends is a pretty easy process. Just head over to the ‘Profile’ tab in the app, select ‘Household Members’, and from there you can type in the person’s email address that you wish to share your membership with. They’ll receive a link to join the Fiture community, and once they create their profile, it’s pretty much smooth sailing from there. 

    Motion Engine Camera

    While you do not have the ability to sign up for personal training classes where the instructor can see your form, the camera on the lower portion of the Fiture does in fact read your form — this is made possible by Motion Engine technology. Though not all classes offer this feature (such as stretching), during classes such as strength training that do, you’ll need to uncover the camera in order for Fiture to read your form, and count your reps. Don’t worry though, you can cover the lens at any time with the complimentary lens cover that magnetizes to Fiture.

    Heart Rate Monitor

    A heart rate monitor is one of the best ways to track your activity with Fiture. While one is included with the Fit Kit, you can connect any existing monitor or fitness tracker that you may already have. Once connected via Bluetooth, this is going to allow you to see your exact amount of calories burned throughout the duration of your time with Fiture. 


    The activity tab on the Fiture companion app is where you can track your progress, and see if you are on track to meet your fitness goals. You’ll also be able to read through your overall history with Fiture. This is where your heart rate monitor can give you an exact reading of your calories burnt. Plus, from here, you can find the classes you have already completed if you ever want to repeat a class.

    Bluetooth and Audio

    Not only does Fiture connect to your phone, fitness tracker, or heart rate monitor, but it can also pair up with your headphones, or a speaker. This gives you the option of reducing the noise during your workout for any outside roommates, or family members. But, you can always have the audio come through the dual frequency stereo speakers for a solid audio experience. 

    Product Specs

    Fiture has a footprint that is nearly identical to that of a full-length mirror. It’s just under two feet wide and only weighs 60 pounds, so you can always move it into another room, or to storage if you need to. We still recommend being very careful when moving it around though since the display is made of glass. While working out, you still want to give yourself around eight square feet of space, despite the small footprint.


    We weren’t able to find the exact materials used for the frame of Fiture, but it seems to be a form of steel since it feels pretty durable. However, the display is in fact made from glass. Since you do run the risk of the display breaking, it’s best to store it somewhere as safe as possible. The frame also comes in five different color options: silver, black, blue, a blueish/green, and a rose gold — though the actual names of the colors are Stardust, Night, Ocean, Oasis, and Sunlight.


    The beauty of Fiture is that the dimensions are some of the smallest you’ll find for a smart home gym. Even when it’s on the stand, it’s only 68 inches tall (it will sit higher than that if mounted), just under two feet wide, and only sticks out 1.6 inches from the wall. This is an ideal piece of equipment for anyone tight on space — just be sure to give yourself around eight square feet of space to workout.

    Delivery and Assembly

    Fiture has a team that will deliver and assemble the product for you, free of charge at this time. It’s uncertain if that will always be the case though, as it’s listed as a $250 service. Someone will reach out to you to schedule a delivery date, which typically takes around one to two weeks, and will only take around 30 minutes to assemble and connect to the app. We recommend taking advantage of this free offer, but it’s worth noting that we installed our Fiture by ourselves, and didn’t experience any issues. 


    Fiture offers a one-year warranty on their product. This warranty covers anything that could have gone wrong during the manufacturing process — not negligent use. If anything were to break, Fiture will cover the cost to have your product repaired by an authorized third-party partner. For more information on their detailed warranty, head over to their website to read up on their policy.

    Places to Buy

    You can buy the Fiture Home Gym through Fiture’s website directly.

    Company Information

    Fiture’s goal is to allow everyone to have access to live a healthy lifestyle by working out with certified professionals in the comfort of their home. You are eligible to apply for a full refund within the first 30 days of your purchase if you are not satisfied, and since you can sign up for a membership without any long term contract, you can cancel your membership at any time. To learn more about their policies, you can email their team at [email protected]

    Final Word

    When looking to add a gym into your home, space can often be the biggest obstacle that stands in your way. With a product like Fiture, that obstacle is easily absolved due to its minimal footprint. Once your Fiture is up and running, and you have the companion app downloaded, you’ll have instant access to over 100 separate workout classes, with more coming every couple days — though they don’t offer live classes at this time.

    The activity tab is a great way to track your progress, and see if you are meeting your desired fitness goals, and the motion engine technology is a great way to receive feedback on incorrect form (via prompts that will pop up on the screen). 

    We realize this is an expensive piece of equipment, but you do have the luxury of splitting up your membership (and full purchase if you share a home) between six people — this may wind up saving you money in the long run compared to a gym membership, and any personal training classes you may sign up for.

    The strength training classes are a good way to build overall muscle, but this isn’t the main focus of this product. If progressive overload is what you are looking for, you may need to explore other options. Fiture is a very easy product to use, it takes up minimal space, and it is a great way to get in a solid workout at home — the high quality build, and variety of classes may make this product worth its hefty price tag, in our opinion. 


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