Every Winner of the Figure Olympia

Prior to the start of the 21st century, the only two women’s divisions in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) were the Ms. Olympia and the Fitness Olympia. This meant that pro women’s bodybuilding was only available to women who wanted to achieve the bigger muscles featured in Ms. Olympia and those who were able and willing to perform the kinds of gymnastics, dancing, and tumbling featured in the Fitness Olympia. To expand women’s bodybuilding, the IFBB started the Figure Olympia in 2003.

Figure features athletes that have shape, symmetry, and some muscle size. Athletes competing in the Figure Olympia typically are judged for a more stereotypically "feminine" shape and appearance, with a focus on developed shoulders and upper back with a smaller waist and bigger glutes. But, these athletes aren’t generally as big as classic bodybuilders. The division was met with a positive response, and today the division has become a force all its own. 


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There have been seven champions in the division’s 19-year history. Three women have held the title three times or more. Cydney Gillon holds the record for the most Figure Olympia wins, with five and counting as of this writing. The only one-time champion in the division’s history is Jennifer Gates, who won it in 2008. Two women have reclaimed the title after losing it. Here’s a more detailed look back at the history of this prestigious contest.

  1. Every Figure Olympia Winner
  2. Davana Medina (2003-2005)
    1. 2003
    2. 2004
    3. 2005
  3. Jenny Lynn (2006 and 2007)
    1. 2006
    2. 2007
  4. Jennifer Gates (2008)
  5. Nicole Wilkins (2009, 2011, 2013, 2014)
    1. 2009
    2. 2011
    3. 2013
    4. 2014
  6. Erin Stern (2010 and 2012)
    1. 2010
    2. 2012
  7. Latorya Watts (2015 and 2016)
    1. 2015

Every Figure Olympia Winner

  • Davana Medina (2003-2005)
  • Jenny Lynn (2006, 2007)
  • Jennifer Gates (2008)
  • Nicole Wilkins (2009, 2011, 2013, 2014)
  • Erin Stern (2010, 2012)
  • Latorya Watts (2015, 2016)
  • Cydney Gillon (2017-2021)

Davana Medina (2003-2005)

The very first Figure Olympia took place in 2003, and there was mystery surrounding how the new division would be met by the fans. It turned out to be a highlight of the 2003 season. Davana Medina was crowned the first champion that year, and she maintained a grip on that title for the next two years.


  1. Davana Medina
  2. Monica Brant
  3. Jenny Lynn
  4. Mari Kudla
  5. Dinah Al-Sabah
  6. D.J. Wallis
  7. Jamie Franklin
  8. Aleksandra Kobielak
  9. Sharon Kouvaris
  10. Hannah Park
  11. Elaine Goodlad
  12. Theil Bradford


  1. Davana Medina
  2. Jenny Lynn
  3. Monica Brant
  4. Jamie Franklin
  5. Amber Littlejohn
  6. Christine Pomponio-Pate
  7. Mari Kudla-Donnelly
  8. Elaine Goodlad
  9. Zena Collins
  10. Aleksandra Kobielak
  11. Mellisa Frabbiele
  12. Shannon Meteraud
  13. Dinah Al-Sabah
  14. Jaanaa Kotkansolo
  15. Lisbeth Halikka


  1. Davana Medina
  2. Jenny Lynn
  3. Monica Brant
  4. Amber Littlejohn
  5. Mary Elizabeth Lado
  6. Christine Pomponio-Pate
  7. Valerie Waugaman
  8. Amanda Savell
  9. Jennifer Searles
  10. Monica Guerra
  11. Chastity Slone
  12. Latisha Wilder
  13. Michelle Adams
  14. Tara Scotti
  15. Melissa Frabbiele

Jenny Lynn (2006 and 2007)

After three tries, Jenny Lynn finally cleared the hurdle to become the second Figure Olympia winner. It wasn’t without a fight; both Amber Littlejohn and Monica Brant pushed her to the limit.


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Lynn hoped to start her own run as champion, and succeeding in grabbing two consecutive titles for herself. 


  1. Jenny Lynn
  2. Amber Littlejohn
  3. Monica Brant
  4. Christine Pomponio-Pate
  5. Mary Elizabeth Lado
  6. Gina Aliotti
  7. Amanda Savall
  8. Gina Camacho
  9. Jennifer Searles
  10. Latisha Wilder
  11. Jessica Paxson
  12. Valerie Waugerman
  13. Michelle Adams
  14. Inga Neverauskaite
  15. Andrea Dumon


  1. Jenny Lynn
  2. Gina Aliotti
  3. Sonia Adcock
  4. Jennifer Gates
  5. Amanda Savell
  6. Amber Littlejohn
  7. Monica Brant
  8. Amy Fry
  9. Valerie Waugaman
  10. Mary Elizabeth Lago
  11. Latisha Wilder
  12. Zivile Raudoniene
  13. Inga Neverauskaite
  14. Andrea Dumon
  15. Chastity Slone

Jennifer Gates (2008)

Lynn was expected to three-peat at the 2008 contest, but no one saw second-year pro Jennifer Gates coming. She showed up ripped and confident to Las Vegas, and she pulled off an incredible upset to take the title. Lynn finished in fourth place. Gates never returned to the Olympia stage again after taking the victory.

  1. Jennifer Gates
  2. Gina Aliotti
  3. Zivile Raudoniene
  4. Jenny Lynn
  5. Mary Elizabeth Lado
  6. Sonia Adcock
  7. Kristal Richardson
  8. Amy Fry
  9. Nicole Wilkins
  10. Heather Mae French
  11. Lenay Hernandez
  12. Julia Ann Kulia
  13. Huong Arcinas
  14. Jessica Putnam
  15. Jelena Abbou

Nicole Wilkins (2009, 2011, 2013, 2014)

In the early 2010’s, Nicole Wilkins was among the most popular athletes of any gender in fitness. Her rise to superstardom began when she won her first Figure Olympia title in 2009.


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After relinquishing the title in 2010, she regained it the following year. She missed her peak in 2012, but would bring a more muscular physique to the 2013 contest to clinch her third world title. She would repeat in 2014 to make it four wins on the biggest stage in bodybuilding.


  1. Nicole Wilkins
  2. Gina Aliotti
  3. Heather Mae French
  4. Kristal Richardson
  5. Amy Fry
  6. Erin Stern
  7. Jenny Lynn
  8. Jessica Putnam
  9. Felicia Romero
  10. Monica Brant
  11. Sonia Gonzalez
  12. Larissa Reis
  13. Alicia Harris
  14. Kristi Tauti
  15. Meriza DeGuzman


  1. Nicole Wilkins
  2. Erin Stern
  3. Ava Cowan
  4. Candice Keene
  5. Teresa Anthony
  6. Alicia Harris
  7. Cheryl Brown
  8. Latisha Wilder
  9. Jelena Abbou
  10. Larissa Reis
  11. Gennifer Strobo
  12. Chelsey Morgenstern
  13. Heather Dees
  14. Alea Suarez
  15. Felicia Romero


  1. Nicole Wilkins
  2. Erin Stern
  3. Candice Keene
  4. Heather Dees
  5. Mallory Haldeman
  6. Ann Titone
  7. Camala Rodriguez
  8. Gennifer Strobo
  9. Candice Lewis
  10. Dana Ambrose
  11. Allison Frahn
  12. Alea Suarez
  13. Kati Alander
  14. Swann Delarosa
  15. Candice John


  1. Nicole Wilkins
  2. Candice Keene
  3. Candice Lewis
  4. Ann Titone
  5. Latorya Watts
  6. Gennifer Strobo
  7. Julie Mayer
  8. Dana Ambrose
  9. Cydney Gillon
  10. Allison Frahn
  11. Alicia Coates
  12. Jessica Graham
  13. Camala Rodriguez
  14. Wendy Fortino
  15. Andrea Calhoun

Erin Stern (2010 and 2012)

The biggest rivalry in this division would be between Wilkins and Erin Stern. Stern would be the athlete to disrupt Wilkins’ championship reign not once, but twice. She won her first Olympia in 2010 to kick off the decade. After Wilkins reclaimed the title in 2011, Stern took it back in 2012.


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She wouldn’t win the title again afterwards, but her contribution to the division was cemented thanks to the competitions she and Wilkins put on during that stretch of time.


  1. Erin Stern
  2. Nicole Wilkins
  3. Heather Mae French
  4. Kristal Richardson
  5. Felicia Romero
  6. Alicia Harris
  7. Teresa Anthony
  8. Terri Turner
  9. Candice Keene
  10. Larissa Reis
  11. Cheryl Brown
  12. Carin Hawkins
  13. Gennifer Strobo
  14. Gina Trochiano
  15. Kristi Tauti


  1. Erin Stern
  2. Nicole Wilkins
  3. Candice Keene
  4. Heather Dees
  5. Mallory Haldeman
  6. Teresa Anthony
  7. Candice Lewis
  8. Allison Frahn
  9. Ava Cowan
  10. Larissa Reis
  11. Alicia Harris
  12. Ann Titone
  13. Alea Suarez
  14. Candice John
  15. Monica Specking

Latorya Watts (2015 and 2016)

Bridging the gap between the division’s two winningest athletes is a competitor who should be very proud of her own career. Watts upset Wilkins to take the title in 2015, and she then held off contenders Candice Keene and Cydney Gillon to win her second straight Olympia.


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That makes Watts the only athlete to have beaten both Wilkins and Gillon on the Olympia stage.


  1. Latorya Watts
  2. Nicole Wlkins
  3. Candice Lewis
  4. Camala Rodriguez
  5. Candice Keene
  6. Gennifer Strobo
  7. Ann Titone

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