Every Men’s Physique Olympia Winner

The Olympia weekend is made up of 11 IFBB Pro League divisions. Five of those divisions have been added since 2010. The promoters and organization leaders wanted to attract more athletes and fans to bodybuilding’s biggest weekend.

The year that may have had the most significant impact on those goals could be 2013. That is the only year in Olympia history that had two divisions added simultaneously: Men’s Physique and Women’s Physique

Both contests had a lot of hype going into that year’s Olympia weekend, and both divisions already had growing fanbases. The Men’s Physique Olympia introduced new stars to the sport and fitness industry. The athletes in this division have a more streamlined physique, smaller than the Open competitors. They also wear board shorts instead of traditional posing trunks. Based on the response in the years after, it was clear that this division would become an Olympia mainstay.

Men’s Physique Olympia Champions

  • 2013: Mark Anthony Wingson
  • 2014-2017: Jeremy Buendia
  • 2018, 2020-2021: Brandon Hendrickson
  • 2019: Raymont Edmonds

There have been nine editions of the Men’s Physique Olympia as of this writing, and four champions have been crowned. Mark Anthony Wingson made history by becoming the first champion. The most recent champion is three-time winner Brandon Hendrickson. The man with the most titles is Jeremy Buendia, who won four in a row before being dethroned by Hendrickson.


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All four champions have lost the title at some point in their career. Hendrickson is the only one to regain it after losing it. No one has been in all nine contests, but Hendrickson and Andre Ferguson have competed in seven. Here’s a more detailed look back at each Men’s Physique Olympia held thus far.

  1. Men’s Physique Olympia Champions
  • 2013: Mark Anthony Wingson
    1. 2013 Men’s Physique Olympia
  • 2014-2017: Jeremy Buendia
    1. 2014 Men’s Physique Olympia
    2. 2015 Men’s Physique Olympia
    3. 2016 Men’s Physique Olympia
    4. 2017 Men’s Physique Olympia
  • 2019: Raymont Edmonds
    1. 2019 Men’s Physique Olympia
  • 2018, 2020-2021: Brandon Hendrickson
    1. 2018 Men’s Physique Olympia
    2. 2020 Men’s Physique Olympia
    3. 2021 Men’s Physique Olympia
  • 2022 Olympia
  • 2013: Mark Anthony Wingson

    Thanks to social media, the inaugural Men’s Physique Olympia was met with much anticipation because several competitors already had fanbases. The initial favorites going into the contest were Steve CookSadik Hadzovic, Jason Poston, Jeremy Buendia, and Mark Anthony Wingson.

    2013 Men’s Physique Olympia

    1. Mark Anthony Wingson
    2. Jeremy Buendia
    3. Matthew Acton
    4. Sadik Hadzovic
    5. Jason Poston
    6. Tyler Anderson
    7. Michael Anderson
    8. Steve Cook
    9. Tory Woodward
    10. Alex Carneiro
    11. Jeff Seid
    12. Anton Antipov
    13. Matt Christianer
    14. William Sullivan
    15. Stephen Mass

    When all the athletes gathered in Las Vegas, NV, to determine who the first champion would be, Wingson was the dominant athlete on stage. His poise and presentation were unmatched, and he was honored as the first Olympia champion for this new division. Buendia was the runner-up, and Matthew Acton surprised the field by coming in third place.

    2014-2017: Jeremy Buendia

    After the 2013 contest, Buendia took notes on what adjustments to make, and he immediately got to work. When the 2014 Olympia arrived, he was bigger, more ripped, and more confident in himself. He was undoubtedly the best man in the lineup, and he dethroned the champion to take his first Olympia win. Wingson finished in sixth place. Hadzovic came in second to Buendia, who became one of the most popular athletes in any division, and how the 2015 Olympia was billed.

    Hadzovic won the first Arnold Classic Men’s Physique title the following year, making the potential matchup even more intriguing. However, Buendia held off his charge and repeated. He would win two more titles in a row, becoming a four-time champion. Buendia had to hold off the challenges of fellow stars Ryan Terry and Andre Ferguson to do it. After suffering an injury, Buendia managed to recover in time to compete in the 2018 contest, but he fell to fourth place as Hendrickson claimed his first title. Buendia would retire after the contest.

    2014 Men’s Physique Olympia

    1. Jeremy Buendia
    2. Sadik Hadzovic
    3. Jason Poston
    4. Matthew Acton
    5. Steve Cook
    6. Mark Anthony Wingson
    7. Anton Antipov
    8. Michael Anderson
    9. Xavisus Gayden
    10. Tyler Anderson
    11. Tony Woodward
    12. German Pacheco
    13. Jeff Seid
    14. Arya Saffaie
    15. Felipe Franco

    2015 Men’s Physique Olympia

    1. Jeremy Buendia
    2. Sadik Hadzovic
    3. Jason Poston
    4. Ryan Terry
    5. Brandon Hendrickson
    6. Dean Balibis
    7. George Brown
    8. Ryan Hinton
    9. Anton ANtipov
    10. Jacques Lewis
    11. Matthew Acton
    12. Andre Ferguson
    13. Andre Adams
    14. Chase Savoie
    15. Michael Ferguson

    2016 Men’s Physique Olympia

    1. Jeremy Buendia
    2. Ryan Terry
    3. Jeremy Potvin
    4. Brandon Hendrickson
    5. Andre Ferguson
    6. George Brown
    7. Jason Poston
    8. Joseph Lee
    9. Logan Franklin
    10. Dean Balabis
    11. Ryan John Baptiste
    12. Chase Savoie
    13. Ryan Hinton
    14. Jared Goodrich
    15. Felipe Franco

    2017 Men’s Physique Olympia

    1. Jeremy Buendia
    2. Andre Ferguson
    3. Brandon Hendrickson
    4. Raymont Edmonds
    5. Jeremy Potvin
    6. Ryan Terry
    7. Logan Franklin
    8. Ondrej Kmostak
    9. George Brown
    10. Dean Balabis
    11. Xavius Gayden
    12. Sergi Constance
    13. Luis Fernando Rios
    14. Long Wu
    15. Joseph Lee

    2019: Raymont Edmonds

    Hendrickson isn’t a four-time champion because Raymont Edmonds showed up to the 2019 contest in the absolute best shape of his life. He was broad, ripped, and looked like a statue in each pose. Because of that, he was crowned the new world champion.

    It also helped that Hendrickson was off the mark at that contest and finished in fourth place. Ferguson and Kyron Holden placed second and third, respectively.

    2019 Men’s Physique Olympia

    1. Raymont Edmonds
    2. Andre Ferguson
    3. Kyron Holden
    4. Brandon Hendrickson
    5. Ryan Terry
    6. Carlos Deoliveira
    7. Anthony Gilkes
    8. Xavisus Gayden
    9. George Brown
    10. Ondrej Kmostak
    11. Joseph Lee
    12. Yasser Blandon
    13. Akeem Scott
    14. Carl Presendieu
    15. Anthony Woods

    2018, 2020-2021: Brandon Hendrickson

    Even though Buendia was the defending champion at the 2018 Olympia, Hendrickson left Las Vegas as the new champion. Hendrickson made his intentions clear soon after that contest: he wanted to be the first five-time champion. Unfortunately, he stumbled out of the blocks and lost the 2019 contest to Edmonds. Then, the pandemic arrived. Every athlete had to find unique ways to train and prepare. The Olympia was rescheduled from September to December. Then, it was moved from Las Vegas to Orlando, FL


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    Somehow, Hendrickson kept his focus and found ways to prepare for the Olympia. That paid off at the 2020 Olympia, where he became the first man to regain the title after losing it. Title number three came in 2021, which many consider to be his best performance to date. He goes into the 2022 edition of the Men’s Physique Olympia with the opportunity of tying his former rival’s record.

    2018 Men’s Physique Olympia

    1. Brandon Hendrickson
    2. Raymont Edmonds
    3. Ryan Terry
    4. Jeremy Buendia
    5. Andre Ferguson
    6. Kyron Holden
    7. Michael Bevins
    8. Akeem Scott
    9. George Brown
    10. Jeremy Potvin
    11. Logan Franklin
    12. Suraqah Shabazz
    13. Diogo Ferreira Montenegro
    14. Fernando Rios
    15. Ondrej Kmostak

    2020 Men’s Physique Olympia

    1. Brandon Hendrickson
    2. Raymont Edmonds
    3. Kyron Holden
    4. Jeremy Potvin
    5. Andrei Marius Lincan
    6. Andre Ferguson
    7. Carlos Deoliveira
    8. Ryan Terry
    9. Rodrigue Chesnier
    10. Anthony Gilkes
    11. George Brown
    12. Charjo Grant
    13. Daniel Ammons
    14. Steven Cao
    15. Bhuwan Chauhan

    2021 Men’s Physique Olympia

    1. Brandon Hendrickson
    2. Erin Banks
    3. Diego Ferreira Montenegro
    4. Kyron Holden
    5. Raymont Edmonds
    6. Carlos Deoliveira
    7. Andrei Marius Lincan
    8. Arya Saffaie
    9. Andre Ferguson
    10. Joseph Lee
    11. Suraqah Shabazz
    12. Charjo Grant
    13. Rodrigue Chesnier
    14. Riccardo Croci
    15. Corey Morris

    2022 Olympia

    Hendrickson may be the favorite going into the 2022 Olympia in Las Vegas, but it won’t be a cakewalk to win his fourth title. Erin Banks has already won the 2022 Arnold Men’s Physique title and is the number one contender to Hendrickson’s title. Then, Diego Ferreira MontenegroHolden, and Edmonds are all still in the mix. The tenth Men’s Physique Olympia winner will be crowned on the weekend of Dec. 16-18, 2022, at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV.

    Featured Images: @jeremy_buendia, @brandon.d.hendrickson on Instagram

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