Dave Castro is Returning to CrossFit HQ in Affiliate-Focused Role

Five months after being fired, former CrossFit Manager of Sport Dave Castro is reportedly working for CrossFit HQ. However, the specifics of his job remain a mystery.

On June 8, 2022, Morning Chalk Up took to their Instagram to share a post from affiliate Diablo CrossFit based in Pleasant Hill, CA. According to a blog post by Diablo CrossFit’s owner, Craig Howard:

Dave Castro is coming back and that is a very good thing for Diablo and all of CrossFit.

A statement from CrossFit Interim Leader Alison Andreozzi given to BarBend confirmed Castro’s return: 

Dave Castro will be returning to CrossFit as a key advisor focused on our affiliates and coaches, and exploring new areas for innovation across the business. We’re excited for his return and for the collaboration going forward.

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Dave Castro’s Release and Return

Castro was released by former CrossFit CEO Eric Roza on Jan. 4, 2022 — seven weeks before the start of the 2022 CrossFit Open on Feb. 24, 2022. Current CrossFit Games Manager of Sport Justin Bergh was named Castro’s replacement. Much of the programming Castro designed for the 2022 Open was still used.

Roza referred to Castro as the "Founder of the CrossFit Games" in an internal email to CrossFit staff that was later released to the public. Castro joined CrossFit in 2006 and worked as the Director of Training alongside Nicole Carroll, who works in that position to this day. The inaugural CrossFit Games were hosted in 2007 at Castro’s family ranch in Aromas, CA.

According to Morning Chalk Up, Castro "attended an affiliate gathering" on June 6, 2022, that included many affiliate owners. Per an anonymous attendee of that meeting, Castro’s new role will involve working directly with affiliates. Howard believes Castro prioritizes affiliate success above all else in the CrossFit space: 

[Castro] is keenly interested in the success of affiliates and CrossFit and the CrossFit Games – in that order. He knows that the affiliates are the life blood of CrossFit. He is the leader we need. 

Roza is currently CrossFit Board Chairman. Former Nike Executive Jason Dunlop was named the new CrossFit President on July 6, 2021. On May 25, 2022, CrossFit’s Chief Financial Officer Andreozzi was appointed as Interim Chief of CrossFit. 

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BarBend will update this article with more information about Castro’s new role with CrossFit as it becomes available.

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