CrossFit Joins ArmyIgnitED Program, Offering Active-Duty Military Up To $4,000 Per Year In CrossFit Courses

CrossFit has joined the ArmyIgnitED Program, a resource for military personnel for continuing education and tuition assistance. The ArmyIgnitED Program offers up to $4,000 per year for active-duty military access to over 300,000 college courses and other educational opportunities. CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 certification courses are now on that list. This means, for no cost, soldiers can take the following select CrossFit courses:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Two-Day Certificate Course
  • Online CrossFit Level 1 Course
  • CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Course
  • Certified CrossFit Trainer (through Army COOL)
  • Online Training Courses —  Lesson PlanningScaling, and Spot the Flaw
  • Private Seminars

Active-duty soldiers can get involved by requesting a quote through the ArmyIgnitED Program and choosing which course(s) appeal to them most. The prospective enrollees do not need to be a member of a CrossFit box. While the Army is the branch of service (enlisted, warrant officers, and officers) able to use this benefit of CrossFit courses currently, General Manager of CrossFit Education Nicole Carroll stated:

At CrossFit, it’s always been important to us to support active-duty military who rely on their physical fitness for their own safety and the safety of others. This is just the beginning — our goal is to apply for programs like this that can support all branches of the service.

Registration for the above courses through the ArmyIgnitED Program is currently available. Check out the descriptions of each CrossFit course available below:


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CrossFit Level 1 Two-Day Certificate Course

This is an in-person course that aims to elevate one’s knowledge of fitness and nutrition. This is the starting point for anyone who might be interested in opening a CrossFit affiliate in the future or becoming a CrossFit coach in any CrossFit box. For active-duty military personnel, CrossFit touts this course as a way to improve one’s capacity to pass the Army Combat Fitness Test, which consists of:

Online CrossFit Level 1 Course

Taking the Level 1 course virtually is likely better for soldiers away on deployment, who don’t want to take leave, or pay for travel. It is a self-paced course followed by a live webinar for "coaching and feedback from CrossFit’s top trainers."

CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Course

The Level 2 certificate course includes advanced coaching, leadership, and public speaking training with one-on-one feedback "from the best CrossFit coaches in the world."

Certified CrossFit Trainer

Per CrossFit HQ, "the Certified CrossFit Trainer (CCFT) credential is for an experienced trainer who wants to demonstrate a higher level of CrossFit coaching knowledge and become a subject-matter expert."

Unit commanders interested in improving the fitness of their soldiers can reach out to [email protected] to inquire about private seminars.

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