CrossFit CFO Alison Andreozzi Appointed as Interim Chief of the Organization

On Wednesday, May 25, 2022, it was announced that CrossFit‘s Chief Financial Officer Alison Andreozzi has been appointed to the position of Interim Chief of CrossFit. CrossFit confirmed the news to BarBend in an email. 

Andreozzi is set to take over for former CEO Eric Roza, who stepped down from the position in February of 2022, taking the title of Board Chairman instead. Andreozzi is still the company’s CFO and is heading the organization while CrossFit seeks out a full-time replacement for Roza. 

Alison Andreozzi CrossFit Interim CEOCourtesy of CrossFit

"In her new role, Alison will provide leadership over CrossFit’s day-to-day operations and ensure that the business continues to move forward with clear and effective decision making," CrossFit’s Head of Communication, Andrew Weinstein, told BarBend. "As she told employees in an all-hands today, her goal is focusing on what makes CrossFit unique, including the methodology, ethos, and coaching, so it can accelerate growth, engagement, and retention across the business."

Roza stepped back from his position as CEO after roughly one and a half years’ tenure. He initially acquired ownership of CrossFit in July of 2020 from Greg Glassman. As such, CrossFit has operated without an official individual at the top of its leadership for most of the first half of 2022. 

  1. Who Is Alison Andreozzi?
  2. What’s Next for CrossFit?

Who Is Alison Andreozzi?

Andreozzi is a 10-year veteran member of Park City Fit in Salt Lake City, Utah, with high-level leadership experience in multiple other companies outside of CrossFit, according to Weinstein. 

According to her LinkedIn profile, she served as the CFO for Zane Benefits Inc. from 2007-2010, as the Managing Director of Mercato Partners for seven years, and as CEO of Upwell Health from Nov. 2017 to June 2019. Before joining CrossFit in September of 2021, she was a Venture Partner at Signal Peak Ventures. She graduated from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill with a Bachelors in Finance. 

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In March of 2022, CrossFit held the year’s first affiliate Town Hall, titled "Preserve & Evolve" (see above), wherein leadership stressed the importance of iterating on the company’s identity. President Jason Dunlop noted that:

"CrossFit is a business built around the coach with great leadership and stewardship. And those will be things that we will be looking at." 

What’s Next for CrossFit?

This announcement comes in the midst of the 2022 CrossFit Semifinals, which began on May 20, 2022. The Torian Pro, Syndicate Crown, and Lowlands Throwdown all took place during the first weekend of the Semifinals, between May 20-22, across three different continents.

The weekend of May 26-29 will see the start of the virtual Age Group Semifinals (14-17 and 35-49), as well as the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge in Knoxville, TN and CrossFit Fittest in Capetown at Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch.

Competitors who make it through the Semifinals and the Last-Chance Qualifier will battle it out at the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games in Madison, WI from Aug. 3-7.

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