Chris Bumstead’s Anti-inflammation Diet Helps His Joints for Heavy Shoulder Training

Three-time reigning Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead is in the middle of his off-season, training to defend his title at the 2022 Olympia in Las Vegas, NV, on Dec. 16-18, 2022. He’s training heavier with the goals of adding strength and size before he starts cutting calories and upping cardio. He shared a shoulder workout on his YouTube channel on June 27, 2022, that featured his post-workout meal that helps keep inflammation at bay, so his joints feel more lubricated when lifting heavy in the gym.

Although the video went live on his YouTube channel on June 27, 2022, the workout was performed four days prior, on June 23, 2022. He trained at Revive Gym in Stuart, FL. The end of the video features Bumstead making his post-workout meal, which helps him recover his three-dimensional shoulders. Check it out below:

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Seated Dumbbell Press & Seated Machine Press

After he warmed up, Bumstead started with 65-pound dumbbells for the first shoulder exercise of the day. He worked up to 120-pound dumbbells, performing eight reps on camera. He said he would like to press 140’s for 10-12 reps before his strength starts declining during his Olympia prep. He uses his rep range to failure to gauge when to up the weight.

I have to get at least 10 reps with a weight before going heavier.

The champion moved to a second pressing movement — the seated machine overhead press. Bumstead progressed from two 45-pound plates per side to four 45s and a 25 per side. He achieved 10 reps with that weight for two sets before performing a lighter set with three plates per side to failure.

Seated Lateral Raise

After two pressing exercises, Bumstead focused on the side delts with seated lateral raises. After three standard sets, he performed a rest-pause set, taking a brief respite after reaching failure and then performing more reps until he reached failure a second time.


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Reverse Pec-Deck &Lateral Raise Machine

Bumstead switched his focus to the rear delts. Highlights of two standard sets were shown on the reverse pec-deck. He did a drop set, lowering the weight he was using twice without resting in between. The weight he used wasn’t shown on camera. The Canadian bodybuilder went back to the side delts with a machine movement. Knowing how his body should feel while training, he told the camera that his delts were "fried." He opted to perform a drop set for the final movement of the day.

Calling it a good one.

After returning home with pumped shoulders, Bumstead blended two scoops of whey protein with milk, water, ice, and six servings of crisp rice cereal. After pouring it into a large bowl, it looks reminiscent of cold oatmeal. While it is a lot of volume, Bumstead finds it "super easy to consume" to replenish his carbohydrate levels, giving his body the fuel it needs to build those gains he just earned at the gym.

Bumstead will defend his Classic Physique Olympia championship as a part of the 2022 Olympia Weekend, scheduled for Dec. 16-18, 2022, in Las Vegas, NV. Among the contenders are two-time Arnold Classic Physique champion Terrence Ruffin and two-time Classic Physique Olympia winner Breon Ansley.

Featured image: @cbum on Instagram

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