Check Out Hassan Mostafa’s Physique 3 Weeks Out From 2022 Puerto Rico Pro

Men’s Open bodybuilder Hassan Mostafa is adding muscle mass to his gargantuan physique, judging by a recent update he provided on May 1, 2022, to his Instagram page. After comparing his current build alongside the package he brought to the 2021 Chicago Pro (where he placed third), Mostafa plans to use his muscle mass and conditioning to clinch the title at the 2022 Puerto Rico Pro on June 25-26, 2022. 

One day out (Chicago Pro 2021) vs three weeks out (Puerto Rico Pro 2022).

As of this writing, Mostafa is not yet qualified nor has he acquired any points toward a potential Olympia invitation. However, there is still time for him to win a pro show or accrue points, as the 2022 Olympia will occur in December 2022. Check out Mostafa’s physique comparison below. His current package is noticeably more conditioned:


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Road to Olympia Contention

The 2022 Puerto Rico Pro is scheduled for June 25-26, 2022 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Should Mostafa win the event, he will earn his qualification to compete at 2022 Olympia later this year. The Olympia stage is the most prominent in the sport, and athletes can qualify for the event in several different ways. 

Any bodybuilder who captured a Sandow trophy in the Men’s Open category will be invited back to the show for life. Additionally, the top five Men’s Open competitors from the previous year’s show are qualified for the following year. Other bodybuilders qualify by either winning a pro show (i.e. the 2022 Puerto Rico Pro) or collecting points by placing second through fifth at different competitions throughout the year. Finally, athletes can receive a special invite, given out at the Olympia organization’s discretion.


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Mostafa made his IFBB Pro League debut at the 2019 Indy Pro, finishing third. He earned fifth place at the 2019 Tampa Pro. The Egyptian bodybuilder entered just one event the following year, earning fourth place at the 2021 New York Pro

Mostafa competed in seven IFBB Pro League shows in 2021. He reached the podium several times but struggled to secure gold at any of them. He finished third at the 2021 Puerto Rico Pro and aims to improve his placement when he returns in the last week of June.

In his Olympia debut in 2021, Mostafa ranked 13th overall. His current build is a promising sign, and the first 2022 Puerto Rico Pro could be his ticket back to the biggest stage in bodybuilding. 

Featured image: @hassan_mostafa92 on Instagram

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