Actor James Maslow Tells Mike O’Hearn About the Values of Mentorship and Feeling Optimized Through Fitness

On the fourth episode of The Mike O’Hearn Show presented by Generation Iron, bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn interviews actor and musician James Maslow. Maslow is best known for his work in television on Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush, voiceover performances in films like Ron’s Gone Wrong, and portraying roles in We Need to Talk, Stars Fell on Alabama, and Hellstorm, among others, and finishing fourth in the 18th season of Dancing with the Stars.

O’Hearn was excited to interview Maslow for the career Maslow has generated since being in the spotlight since his late teenage years. The 31-year-old Maslow was deemed a "workhorse" by O’Hearn for staying the course and not succumbing to the temptations that could derail a young actor’s career. Check out the full interview in the video below, courtesy of Generation Iron‘s YouTube channel:

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  1. Finding Success On Screen
  2. Feeling Optimized Through Fitness

Finding Success On Screen

Maslow had completed high school by the time he found the opportunities to make performing a full-time career. Age 17 was a similar time for O’Hearn, who posed for his first magazine cover at that age. As Maslow progresses in his career, he has recognized the value of mentorship and asking for help from those within his network.

I don’t want to do anything else — that’s the best motivation in the world. It’s scary as hell to think about having another job.

It wasn’t always the case that Maslow would utilize the support system around him. In his formative years, he never wanted to bother anyone. He has since recognized how fortunate he is to have access to those with more experience who are willing to share their expertise with him so he can learn and grow faster than he would without that insight.


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Feeling Optimized Through Fitness

Much of Maslow’s fitness regimen includes a lot of cardio. That’s not necessarily by choice but rather a byproduct of the dancing and work on film sets Maslow undertakes. Part of what keeps him motivated to maintain his lean physique is the feeling of being fit, which he suspects many people have never had the opportunity to experience.

I think most people have never felt what it’s like to be optimized. They’re not feeling or performing to their full potential.

The unsteady balance of eating greasy foods high in fat and consuming alcohol while trying to offset those excess calories in the gym is not foreign to Maslow. That was his behavior in his early 20s. While he doesn’t have any regrets, with age, he’s acquired a craving for feeling optimized through a good diet and a routine training program.

Fulfilling that craving has resulted in rewards in his career and reinforced the behavior to maintain that healthy lifestyle. That’s the secret sauce, so to speak, to Maslow’s success in life.

I want to be remembered as the hardest worker in the room.

O’Hearn inquired about how to teach that drive to work hard. Is it possible to teach work ethic? Maslow seems to think that it is. The trick is creating consistent habits. Maslow believes consistency works as well for physical health as it does for mental health. He spins the notion of "no days off" not as a means to overwork yourself but as a reminder to stay consistent with the endeavors that get you closer to your goals.

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