2022 Toronto Pro SuperShow Complete Results

Mohamed Shaaban is your 2022 Toronto Pro Men’s Open bodybuilding winner. Shaaban earned his second pro victory in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on June 5, 2022, and he will return to the 2022 Mr. Olympia contest thanks to the win.


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The other winners include: Hossein Kolateh (212), Tyler Johnson (Classic Physique), Mehdi Kabbadj (Men’s Physique), Woody Belfort (Wheelchair), Lisa Kudrey (Women’s Bodybuilding), Ji Hye Lee (Women’s Physique), Stephanie Jones (Fitness), Hanwool Park (Figure), Ashley Kaltwasser (Bikini), and Kassandra Gillis (Wellness).

  1. Men’s Open Results
    1. Winner — Mohamed Shaaban
    2. Second Place — Theo Leguerrier
    3. Third Place — Andrea Muzi
  2. Other Contest Results
    1. 212 Division
    2. Classic Physique
    3. Men’s Physique
    4. Wheelchair
    5. Women’s Bodybuilding
    6. Women’s Physique
    7. Fitness
    8. Figure
    9. Bikini
    10. Wellness

Men’s Open Results

  1. Mohamed Shaaban
  2. Theo Leguerrier
  3. Andrea Muzi
  4. Dorian Haywood
  5. Slavoj Bednar
  6. Mariusz Tomczuk
  7. Joe Seeman
  8. Gabriel Gariepy

Winner — Mohamed Shaaban

After a 10th place finish at the 2021 Mr. Olympia, Shaaban has been looking for a way back to bodybuilding’s biggest stage. He had some momentum after a second-place finish at the 2022 California State Pro

At this show, Shaaban was the leanest competitor onstage, and he went into his poses quickly so the judges could look at him first. The combination of his impressive physique and presentation was good enough for him to take the win.

Second Place — Theo Leguerrier

Leguerrier is usually very conditioned and has great symmetry. One issue he faced in Toronto was his tan, which can alter how lean one looks under the lights (the tanner the leaner). The judges actually had him in third place after prejudging. However, he improved upon his tan and lost some water (from between his skin and muscles). He was able to pull ahead one spot and finish in the runner-up position.

Third Place — Andrea Muzi

Muzi was coming off a fourth place finish at the California State Pro one week before this contest. The Italian looked better in Toronto, and he was in second on the scorecards after prejudging. It’s unclear what happened between prejudging and finals, but the judges liked Leguerrier’s physique better in the finals, and he ended up taking the position by two points.

It’s unknown whether Muzi will keep competing with hopes of earning a win, or if he will take a break for a short time. He is not yet qualified for the Olympia as of this writing.

Other Contest Results

Counting Men’s Open, 11 IFBB Pro League divisions competed in Toronto. The most notable winner was Ashley Kaltwasser’s bikini division victory. It marks the 34th overall win for the three-time Olympia champ. The rest of the final standings are below.

All winners will move on to the Olympia, scheduled to be held Dec. 16-18 in Las Vegas, NV.

212 Division

  1. Hossein Kolateh
  2. Murat Gonal
  3. Kentaro Kuramochi
  4. Junho Kim

Classic Physique

  1. Tyler Johnson
  2. Hyoung Joo Kwon
  3. Cody Amey
  4. Kellen Wilson
  5. Eric Abelon
  6. Rob Van Sant
  7. Aaron Aramini
  8. Luis Sosa Murueta

Men’s Physique

  1. Mehdi Kabbadj
  2. Reuben Glass
  3. Chevy Phillips
  4. Lamar McNeal Smith
  5. Francisco de la Cruz
  6. Brett Jackson Jr.
  7. Daniel Leone
  8. Sharif Reid
  9. Vilius Palionis
  10. Nicolas Dery-Belanger
  11. Akbar Sarbaz Sarkhanlo
  12. Clarence Lau
  13. Michael Norwood Jr.


  1. Woody Belfort*

* There was no wheelchair lineup as of the writing of our preview. Belfort entered and was unopposed.

Women’s Bodybuilding

  1. Lisa Kudrey
  2. Michelle Jin
  3. Michelle Brent
  4. Gisela Nunes Chan

Women’s Physique

  1. Ji Hye Lee
  2. Emilija Martic
  3. Eleonora Dobrinina
  4. Jody Johanson
  5. Jazmin Lira Flores
  6. Marianne Von Gierke
  7. Renee Reefschlager
  8. Sanna Nupponen
  9. Alethia Legall-Gabriel
  10. Mindi O’Brien
  11. Marysel Cruz
  12. Nadia Vandal
  13. Sarah Bow


  1. Stephanie Jones
  2. Giorgia Foroni
  3. Danielle DaCosta
  4. Abby Bolton
  5. Corina Harkelroad


  1. Hanwool Park
  2. Mandy Urner
  3. Valerie Ratelle
  4. Yelena Larina
  5. Melissa Cech
  6. Larissa Penaloza
  7. Danielle Rose
  8. Emily Hammond


  1. Ashley Kaltwasser
  2. Ha Yeun Kim
  3. Eli Fernandez
  4. Marie Eve-Duchesneau
  5. Jodie Jean Yunker
  6. Cassandra De La Rosa
  7. Laura Ziv
  8. Adair Libbrecht
  9. Yeoni Lee
  10. Bola Seo
  11. Lilian Lopez Alonso
  12. Karen Wall
  13. Sarah Devore
  14. Annelle Petitpas
  15. Juliane Andrade


  1. Kassandra Gillis
  2. Emily Azzarello
  3. Anne Marie Gobeil
  4. Daniela Deiana
  5. Normarie Fonseca
  6. Celeste Morales
  7. Angela White

Featured Image: Mohamed Shaaban by @jugeoff and @bisandtris / Instagram 

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