2022 New York Pro Results — Awodibu Victorious

Bodybuilding is back in the tri-state area. The 2022 New York Pro is in the record books, and Blessing Awodibu has won his second contest in a row. One year after losing to 2021 champion Nick Walker at this contest, Walker presented Awodibu with the trophy and the ring as the 2022 winner. The Men’s Open results are below.

  1. 2022 New York Pro Results | Men’s Open Top 10
    1. Winner — Blessing Awodibu
    2. Second Place — Andrea Presti
    3. Third Place — Maxx Charles
  2. Lauralie Chapados Wins Bikini Title
    1. Bikini | Top 10
  3. Other Division Winners
    1. 212 | Top 10
    2. Classic Physique | Top 5
    3. Men’s Physique | Top 10
    4. Women’s Bodybuilding | Full Placings
    5. Women’s Physique | Top 10
    6. Figure | Top 10
    7. Wellness | Full Placings

2022 New York Pro Results | Men’s Open Top 10

  1. Blessing Awodibu
  2. Andrea Presti
  3. Maxx Charles
  4. Theo Leguerrier
  5. Justin Rodriguez
  6. Emir Omeragic
  7. Dorian Haywood
  8. Slavoj Bednar
  9. Douglas Fruchey
  10. Mariusz Tomczuk

Check out a breakdown of the top athletes below and the results for the other divisions.


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Winner — Blessing Awodibu

Awodibu had this contest won from the first round of prejudging to the final posedown at the end of the day. He had round muscles, appeared even more ripped than when he won at the Indy Pro in Indianapolis, IN, a week earlier, and he wasn’t short on confidence, either.

After Awodibu won, he told Walker that he looked forward to a rematch at the Olympia and that Awodibu would win. Walker grabbed the microphone and said he hopes Awodibu enjoys the view from the side when Walker wins.

Second Place — Andrea Presti

Fans that saw Presti win the 2021 Mr. Big Evolution contest saw he had potential, but no one saw him coming for the top spot. His lower body improved significantly, and he had a larger upper body to match. This was considered the best version of his physique so far, and he will be in the mix for other contests later on in the season.

In the meantime, Presti gets the max points in the Olympia Qualification System, which may help him qualify for the 2022 Mr. Olympia, should he not win a show before then.

Third Place — Maxx Charles

Charles’ arms looked great, and he was defined from head to toe. While he looked impressive, the top two finishers were bigger and better on this day. This ties Charles’ best effort in this contest with his 2015 result. There is no word on what contest he will enter next at the time of this article’s publication.


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Lauralie Chapados Wins Bikini Title

The Bikini division was the most contested competition at this show. The contest featured two Olympia winners — Janet Layug and Elisa Pecini, and two Arnold Classic champions: Lauralie Chapados and India Paulino. Chapados has been on a roll this season, and that continued in New Jersey as she left the New York Pro as the Bikini champion.

This is Chapados’ first New York Pro win. It makes her the undisputed number one contender to Bikini Olympia champion Jennifer Dorie when they face off at the 2022 Olympia. Former Olympia champions Elisa Pecini and Janet Layug rounded out the top three, and former Figure Olympia winner Erin Stern finished in fifth place.

Bikini | Top 10

  1. Lauralie Chapados
  2. Elisa Pecini
  3. Janet Layug
  4. India Paulino
  5. Erin Stern
  6. Liana Giannamore
  7. Allison Testu
  8. Sara Choi
  9. Francesca Stoico
  10. Lexus Redmond

Other Division Winners

In total, there were nine IFBB Pro League contests held at the New York Pro, and the winners of each are below. All champions are now qualified for the Olympia as well. As of this writing, only the top five of Classic Physique were available. 

212 | Top 10

  1. Noel Adame
  2. Sung Yeop Jang
  3. Abdullah Alsaif
  4. Derik Oslan
  5. Enmanuel Rodriguez
  6. Steve Benthin
  7. Peter Castella
  8. Teddy Gray
  9. Michael Giliotti
  10. David Robinson

Classic Physique | Top 5

  1. Neil Currey
  2. Alexander Westormeier
  3. Camilo Diaz
  4. Ruben Stouth
  5. Dancovea Anderson

Men’s Physique | Top 10

  1. Kyron Holden
  2. Alexander Toplyn
  3. Sadik Hadzovic
  4. Jeremiah Maxey
  5. Ramses Rams
  6. Chidube Anene
  7. Kenny Privet
  8. Mark Robinson
  9. Burak King
  10. Bryan Blackman

Women’s Bodybuilding | Full Placings

  1. Donna Salib
  2. Stephanie Flesher
  3. Michelle Jin
  4. Keisha Oliver
  5. Saqweta Barrino
  6. Pauline Nelson
  7. Wendy Sanchez
  8. Michelle Brent

Women’s Physique | Top 10

  1. Natalia Abraham Coelho
  2. Ji Hye Lee
  3. Alex Hall
  4. Amanda Peles
  5. Orlandina Balan
  6. Renee Reefschlaeger
  7. Idaliz Alvarez
  8. Kristyn Lia
  9. Indrell Thomas
  10. Angela Noury

Figure | Top 10

  1. Jossie Alarcon Becerra
  2. Tereza Linhartova
  3. Ericka Morgan
  4. Courtney Jacobs
  5. Yelena Larina
  6. Ashley Soden
  7. Mandy Harbin
  8. Larissa Penaloza
  9. Christina Rosa
  10. Sh’Nere Mattise Deas

Wellness | Full Placings

  1. Sunny Andrews
  2. Kassandra Gillis
  3. Jasmine Payne
  4. Judian Winston
  5. Rafaelle Zen
  6. Madison Luna

The 2022 Olympia is scheduled for Dec. 16-18, 2022, in Las Vegas. NV.

Featured image: @blessing_awodibu on Instagram | photo by Will Wittman (@w_wittmannphoto)

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