2022 HYROX World Championships Results — Hunter McIntyre, Kris Rugloski Win

Hunter McIntyre and Kris Rugloski of the United States are your 2022 HYROX World Series of Fitness Racing champions. Both athletes earned their titles at Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV, on Saturday, May 14, 2022. This was the first time HYROX held their biggest race in the United States; the World Championships are typically held in Germany.

Kris Rugloski and Hunter McIntyre standing atop the podium at the 2022 HYROX World ChampionshipsCourtesy of HYROX

A few important notes: The winner of the Men’s division in 2021, Tobias Lautwein, didn’t participate. Lauren Weeks, who won the 2020 and 2021 World Championship, finished ninth. 

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2022 HYROX World Championship Results

Here are the complete results.


  1. Hunter McIntyre — 58:05
  2. Ryan Kent — 1:00:26
  3. Alexander Roncevic — 1:00:38
  4. Tim Wenisch — 1:01:35
  5. Dylan Scott — 1:02:10
  6. Michael Sandbach — 1:03:17
  7. Richard Ryan — 1:04:38
  8. Jeffrey Voisin — 1:05:04
  9. Tom Hogan — 1:05:09
  10. Martin Michelius — 1:06:15
  11. Cole Schwartz — 1:07:09
  12. Holger Korner — 1:07:56
  13. Tomas Tvrdik — 1:09:05


  1. Kris Rugloski — 1:07:21
  2. Linda Meier — 1:07:57
  3. Mirjam Von Rohr — 1:08:23
  4. Alandra Greenlee — 1:08:38
  5. Alyssa Hawley — 1:09:53
  6. Terra Jackson — 1:10:15
  7. Viola Oberlander — 1:10:20
  8. Elisabeth Kholti — 1:10:20
  9. Lauren Weeks — 1:13:02
  10. Camilla Massa — 1:13:18
  11. Rebecca Naether — 1:15:37
  12. Sabrina Rothig — 1:16:37
  13. Beatrice Aldeit — 1:16:47
  14. Dena Hogan — 1:18:25

The men’s and women’s races were streamed by Obstacle Racing Media and can be seen in the video below.

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For those who aren’t familiar, here’s  quick HYROX primer:

  • The company was founded in 2017 by Christian Toetzke, a triathlete and runner, and Moritz Furste, a German hockey legend. The two partners wanted to marry endurance and functional fitness into a race. 
  • At the the time this article was published, HYROX hosts events in seven countries, soon to be 11. They offer different racing categories so anyone at any fitness levels can participate, including a Pro level, a Relay, and Doubles. 

HRYOX workouts don’t change. Each event consists of the same challenge: eight "workouts" with a one-kilometer (sixth-tenths of a mile) run between each. The athlete who finishes all eight workouts and runs in the fastest time wins. For context, McIntyre completed the event in 58 minutes and Rugloski did it in 1:07:21. The workouts are as follows:

  • Workout One —  1,000 meters on the SkiErg.
  • Workout Two — 50-meter Sled Push | Women: 275 pounds, Men: 385 pounds
  • Workout Three — 50-meter Sled Pull | Women: 165 pounds, Men: 275 pounds
  • Workout Four — 80 meters Burpee Broad Jumps 
  • Workout Five — 1,000-meter Row
  • Workout Six — 200-meter Farmer’s Carry | Women: 53 pounds, Men: 70 pounds
  • Workout Seven — 100-meter Sandbag Lunges | Women: 45 pounds, Men: 66 pounds
  • Workout Eight — 100 Wall Balls | Women: 14 pounds, Men: 20 pounds

Athlete Breakdowns

Here’s a recap of the top three men and women. 

Hunter McIntyre

McIntyre was the world champion in 2020, but he lost the 2021 title to Tobias Lautwein. He set the tone early in the 2022 contest by running the first kilometer in 2:39. 

Hunter McIntyre Crossing the finish line at the 2022 HYROX World ChampionshipsCourtesy of HYROX

He was the fastest in five of the eight workouts, came second in workouts three and eight, and third in workout four. By the time he crossed the finish line, McIntyre had a two-minute lead.

Ryan Kent

Kent was coming off a win in the North American Championships in January 2022, and was a top favorite to win the world title. 

Kent struggled with workout four, finishing the burpee broad jumps in 3:08 for 11th out of 13. McIntyre finished that event in 2:34. Note: According to HYROX, both Kent and McIntyre received a one-minute penalty for a missed length during the burpee broad jumps. He came in fifth in workout five, completing the 1,000-meter row in 4:02. 

Alexander Roncevic

Roncevic was the runner-up to Lautwein in 2021. Roncevic stayed with McIntyre on the first run stride for stride, with them both finishing in 2:39. He finished Workout One in 3:45, which was fifth fastest. The only Workout that Roncevic was fastest in was the final workout. He finished workout eight in 3:37. Even though he finished one spot below his placing in 2021, he completed the workout faster in 2022 by 26 seconds.

Kris Rugloski

Rugloski didn’t start out the way she wanted to, finishing workout one with the seventh fastest time of 4:25. The hardest workout for her was workout three, which took her 4:43 to complete for 10th place.