2022 Arnold Classic Winner Terrence Ruffin’s Artistic Approach to Creating Posing Routines

Classic Physique competitor Terrence Ruffin is widely regarded as one of the most graceful posers in the IFBB Pro League. In a recent YouTube video published on May 30, 2022, Ruffin peeled back the curtain and provided fans with a blueprint on how he creates posing routines.

I’m going to pose to a Labyrinth song.

Ruffin, a well-established Classic Physique bodybuilder, quickly made a name for himself in the sport courtesy of balanced proportions, conditioning, and detailed posing routines. His understanding of the intricate details associated with building an exciting stage presence is one of his strongest attributes as a competitor. The Alabama native has a guest posing appearance on the horizon.

Posing day. Maybe, like four or five hours solo…and the routine will be created. It should be fun.

Watch Ruffin’s full posing demonstration below: 

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After posing for approximately two minutes, Ruffin takes a breather to reflect on his current set of challenges. 

The hard part is choosing movements that look very flowing.

In the following scene, Ruffin practices transitioning from flowy movements to firm and flexed bodybuilding poses. 

  1. Advocating for "Bigger Movements" During Posing Routines
    1. Impressing Bodybuilding Judges with Posing Routines

Advocating for "Bigger Movements" During Posing Routines

Before proceeding, the 2022 Arnold Classic champion offered an additional pro tip:

Slow down your music to practice with YouTube, playback settings at 0.75 speed.

In order to keep fans engaged while posing on stage, Ruffin says to accentuate the transitions after exiting a free-flowing state.  The 28-year-old professional is adamant that big movements like switching to back poses can help speed up the rhythm of a given routine. His overall goal for this particular movement is to end up in a kneeled position. 


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According to the Ruffin, a successful posing routine comprises many different variations. Over time, after refining each pose, Ruffin adds them all together for one final product.

It’s like a rough draft, and then, when I run through a few more, it becomes a little bit more refined. The better I think it flows and the better poses I do.

Impressing Bodybuilding Judges with Posing Routines

Ruffin believes posing for the judges specifically is a great strategy. He favors unique movements and always tries to bring originality to his posing routines. The Classic Physique professional supports changing the angle of one’s back on stage as a creative adaptation. He added that a mirror-lit room is an ideal location for training different poses. 

I wish I could have a room like this in my house. The lighting was very nice. It helped me get into the spirit.

Ruffin is determined to topple three-time Classic Physique Olympia champion, Chris Bumstead, in December 2022, at the Olympia weekend in Las Vegas, NV. Ruffin was unable to overthrow the reigning champion during their on-stage battles at the 2020 Olympia and the 2021 Olympia. Nevertheless, "Ruff Diesel" perfected his posing routine in his last outing, winning the Classic Physique title at the 2022 Arnold Classic held in March, defeating the likes of Ramon Rocha Queiroz, who took runner-up, and rising talent Urs Kalecinski, who landed in third. 

Eager to replicate the success he acquired earlier this year, Ruffin is kicking off Olympia preparations by fine-tuning his posing skills. 

Featured image: @ruff_diesel on Instagram

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