What’s the Best Background for CrossFit? (w/Lucy Campbell)

Today I’m talking to Lucy Campbell, a CrossFit athlete who just became the second British Woman in history to qualify as an Elite Individual for the CrossFit Games after an impressive finish at the Lowlands Throwdown. A former gymnast and swimmer, Lucy rose to the highest level of CrossFit competition after barely five years in the sport. What about that athletic background helped her progress so quickly? And as a former gymnast, why were things like handstand push-ups still so challenging? I hope you enjoy my conversation with a rising star in the sport of fitness.

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Lucy Campbell BarBend Podcast

In this episode of The BarBend Podcast, David Thomas Tao and Lucy Campbell discuss: 

  • Lucy’s athletic background and meteoric rise in CrossFit (2:00)
  • What’s the best sport to prepare you for competitive CrossFit? (4:20)
  • The movements that Lucy struggled with early on in her CrossFit career (8:50)
  • Lucy’s remarkable performance from one season to the next (12:00)
  • A typical week of Lucy’s training (15:00)
  • Favorite and least favorite workouts (they both contain deadlifts!) (16:00)
  • Who Lucy is looking forward to competing against (19:00)

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