The Best Bodyweight Leg Workouts to Crush Leg Day Anywhere

Your legs have some of the largest and strongest muscles in your entire body. You might have the roundest biceps in all the land, but tree trunk legs are going to load up so much more. If you’re able to train your legs regularly, you’re likely able to load up your favorite leg exercises pretty heavily. As such, it’s understandable that a bodyweight workout might seem a bit underwhelming by comparison.

However, with the right training tools, some creativity, and a lot of mental grit, you can get after a bodyweight-only leg workout that will rival the intensity of your last heavy session. Strategies like tempo training, paused work, and 1 ¼ reps can help you progressively overload your leg days. That is, you can make your workouts continuously more challenging and stimulating for gains — without the bumper plates.