Mohammad Alnsoor Wins 2022 Monsterzym Pro Bodybuilding Show

The weekend of June 17-19, 2022, was busy for bodybuilding fans. Two Men’s Open contests took place on different sides of the world. The 2022 Puerto Rico Pro and the 2022 Monsterzym Pro. The latter was held in Paradise City, South Korea, and the last man standing center stage was Mohammad Alnsoor.

Thanks to this victory, Alnsoor added his name to the list of athletes qualified for the 2022 Mr. Olympia, scheduled for Dec. 16-18, 2022 in Las Vegas, NV. The final standings for the 2022 Monsterzym Pro can are below:

2022 Monsterzym Pro Results — Men’s Open

  1. Mohammad Alnsoor
  2. Seung Chul Lee
  3. Sibusiso Kotelo
  4. Diogo Nunes
  5. Hwang Shin
  6. Jinho Lee
  7. Jang Sung Yong


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Winner — Mohammad Alnsoor

This was Alnsoor’s second appearance of 2022, and he made the most of it. His last contest appearance was the 2022 Bigman Weekend, where he finished fourth. Prior to that, he was in the 2021 Europa Pro, where he finished in seventh place. The 2022 Monsterzym Pro is Alnsoor’s first professional victory, and he will advance to his first Mr. Olympia as a result. There is no word on if he will compete again between now and the Olympia now that his ticket to Las Vegas is secured.

Second Place — Seung Chul Lee

Lee was the favorite in the eyes of many because of his experience and the fact that he was the defending champion. However, Alnsoor’s improvements in his back couldn’t be ignored. While Lee didn’t win, he did add valuable points to his season total in the Olympia Qualification System. If he competes in more shows and earns a top-three position on that list, he will move on to the Olympia.

Third Place — Sibusiso Kotelo

According to NPC News Online, Kotelo hadn’t competed since 2019. Coming back and placing third after a three year absence is worthy of a hat tip. Unfortunately for him, Alnsoor and Chul Lee were on a different level at this contest. It remains to be seen whether Kotelo will compete again this season or not, but he won’t fly under the radar going forward thanks to this finish.

  1. 2022 Monsterzym Pro Results — Men’s Open
  2. Winner — Mohammad Alnsoor
  3. Second Place — Seung Chul Lee
  4. Third Place — Sibusiso Kotelo
  • Other Divisions
    1. Classic Physique
    2. Men’s Physique
    3. Bikini
    4. Wellness
  • Other Divisions

    The results of the other four pro contests that took place at this show are listed below. As is the case with all pro shows this season, the winners are all qualified for the Olympia. Second through fifth-place finishers earn Tier 4 points, depending on their finish. 

    Classic Physique

    1. Jaehun Park
    2. Seonghun Park
    3. Woogyum Kim
    4. In Seong You
    5. Norbert Zakar-Balogh
    6. Dong O Ryu
    7. Sung Jin-Kang
    8. Chang Keun Kim
    9. Eung Kyu Kim
    10. Juseong Seo
    11. Yongseung Lee

    Men’s Physique

    1. JuXian He
    2. Nur Irfan Bin Ahmad
    3. Minsu Kim
    4. Ajith Raja
    5. Jeong Kyeon Jo
    6. Young Gyu Kim
    7. Ilya Kvashnin
    8. Gun Seung Lee


    1. Ji Bin Park
    2. Sara Choi
    3. Tae Rin Kim
    4. Mina Kim
    5. Na Young Choi
    6. Yuna Kang
    7. Soo-Hyun Bae


    1. Hannah Son
    2. Min Ju Yoon
    3. Hye Yoon Kim
    4. Dohee Kim

    Featured image: Mohammad Alnsoor by Phil Choi @monsterzymofficial / Instagram

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