Jessica Buettner (76KG) Sets IPF Raw Deadlift and Squat World Records at 2022 IPF World Classic Championships Victory

The Women’s 76-kilogram category at the 2022 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Sun City, South Africa, was arguably one of the most competitive of the entire competition. Four different IPF world records changed by the end of the 76-kilogram contest on June 10, 2022, including new IPF raw squat and IPF raw deadlift world records by the overall champion, Jessica Buettner of Canada. Her squat was 218.5 kilograms (481.7 pounds) and her deadlift was 261.5 kilograms (576.5 pounds).

Additionally, Agata Sitko of Poland finished as the runner-up despite scoring new IPF raw bench press and total world records. In a rare occurrence, both Sitko and Buettner scored totals of 585 kilograms (1,289.7 pounds). However, Buettner’s official bodyweight was 75.25 kilograms versus Sitko’s official bodyweight of 75.65 kilograms. Sitko achieved the 585-kilogram total first and therefore is credited with the total world record, but Buettner’s IPF world record deadlift — the heaviest raw women’s deadlift in IPF history across all weight classes — tied the world record total and earned Buettner the gold.

Check out Buettner’s deadlift in the video below, courtesy of the IPF’s Instagram page:


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According to Open Powerlifting, Buettner held the IPF raw deadlift world record of 247.5 kilograms (545.6 pounds) since the 2021 IPF World Classic Championships, which she won with via the then IPF raw world record total of 563 kilograms (1,241.2 pounds). Both Buettner and Sitko finished with 585-kilogram totals — 22 kilograms more than Buettner’s previous record.

2022 IPF World Classic Championships Results — Women’s 76KG

  1. Jessica Buettner — 585 kilograms (1,289.7 pounds)
  2. Agata Sitko — 585 kilograms (1,289.7 pounds) — New IPF Raw World Record
  3. Kimberly Walford — 542.5 kilograms (1,196 pounds)

Buettner’s new IPF world record deadlift is 14 kilograms heavier than her previous record of 247.5 kilograms (545.6 pounds). Buettner’s new record is also one kilogram heavier than Amanda Lawrence‘s previous all-time IPF raw deadlift record of 260.5 kilograms scored in the 84-kilogram class at the 2021 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships. 

Sitko’s new IPF raw bench press world record Ana Rosa Castellain‘s previous 130-kilogram (286.6-pound) world record, which stood for nearly five years, by 15 kilograms. Check out the new world record below:


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The 2022 IPF World Classic Championships conclude on June 11, 2022. In addition to the Women’s 76-kilogram class, IPF world records were scored in the Women’s 47-kilogram, 52-kilogram, and 57-kilogram categories, and in the Men’s 66-kilogram, 83-kilogram, and 93-kilogram categories, at the time of this article’s publication.

Featured image: @theipf on Instagram 

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