Heather Connor (47KG) Deadlifts Raw IPF World Record of 185 Kilograms (407.9 Pounds)

The 2022 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Classic Championships were hosted in Sun City, South Africa from June 6-11, 2022. While the contest remains ongoing at the time of this article’s publication, multiple IPF world records have already been scored in the Women’s 47-kilogram class.

Tiffany Chapon of France won gold in the weight category by setting new IPF world records in the squat, bench press, and total. Silver medalist Heather Connor of the USA eclipsed the previous IPF deadlift world record she held by nine kilograms. Here are Connor’s full results:

2022 IPF World Classic Championships — Heather Connor | 47KG

  • Squat
    • 132.5 kilograms (292.1 pounds)
    • 140 kilograms (308.7 pounds)
    • 142.5 kilograms (314.2 pounds)
  • Bench Press
    • 65 kilograms (143.3 pounds)
    • 70 kilograms (154.3 pounds)
    • 72.5 kilograms (159.8 pounds)
  • Deadlift
    • 185 kilograms (407.9 pounds)
    • 185 kilograms (407.9 pounds)
    • 193 kilograms (425.5 pounds)
  • Total — 397.5 kilograms (876.3 pounds)

According to Open Powerlifting, Connor’s previous IPF deadlift world record was 176 kilograms (388 pounds) from the 2019 IPF World Classic Championships, which she won. Her new 185-kilogram world record was four times her official competition bodyweight of 46.6 kilograms. Check out the lift below, courtesy of the IPF’s YouTube channel:

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  1. 2022 IPF World Classic Championships — Heather Connor | 47KG
  • 2022 IPF World Classic Championships Results — Women’s 47KG
  • 2022 World Games
  • 2022 IPF World Classic Championships Results — Women’s 47KG

    Below are the results of the Women’s 47-kilogram category:

    1. Tiffany Chapon (France) — 426.5 kilograms (940.3 pounds)
    2. Heather Connor (USA) — 397.5 kilograms (876.3 pounds)
    3. Lai Simone (Canada) — 367.5 kilograms (810.2 pounds)

    Despite finishing on the podium and taking home an IPF deadlift world record, Connor did not seem pleased with her performance in Sun City, according to the caption of her Instagram post on June 6, 2022.

    Not my best. Certainly not my worst but today is what I had in me.

    Connor attributes her performance to travel issues that cost her valuable training time. She felt she missed lifts that she would otherwise "rep easily a good day."

    My circumstances weren’t ideal no matter what way you look at it.

    Despite only going one for three in the deadlift, her opening weight was well into IPF world record territory and her successful second attempt altered the record books.


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    2022 World Games

    Connor’s next powerlifting meet will be at the 2022 World Games in Birmingham, AL, from July 7-17, 2022. Given that she is much less likely to encounter any travel issues traveling domestically, we will likely see what Connor is currently capable of at her best.

    Featured image: @heather.e.connor on Instagram

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