Every Winner of the 212 Olympia Division

In the first decade of the Olympia, there were years that the competitions were split into two groups — over 200 pounds and under 200 pounds. In 1980, the classes were unified again, which was that way for the next 28 years.

While the competitions were amazing, fans and insiders felt that the sport needed more champions to increase growth and awareness. The theory was also that lighter and shorter guys would never beat the big boys on the Olympia stage. So, the decision was made to re-establish a non-heavyweight division.

The weight limit for the new class was determined to be 202 pounds. However, after a few years at that limit, they found more athletes were competing in the range of 205-210. The IFBB Pro League then changed the weight limit to 212 pounds.

212 Division Olympia Champions

  • 2008: David Henry
  • 2009-2011: Kevin English
  • 2012-2018: Flex Lewis
  • 2019: Kamal Elgargni
  • 2020: Shaun Clarida
  • 2021: Derek Lunsford

Ever since, the 212 division has established a legacy and fan base all of its own. Some of the athletes who have graced the Olympia 212 stage are among the most popular athletes in bodybuilding. Before we get into the yearly recap of the non-heavyweight division, here are a few introductory facts.

There have been six champions since 2008. David Henry was the first. Only two men, Kevin English and Flex Lewis, have won multiple titles at the time of this article’s publication. Lewis and 2021 champion Derek Lunsford are the only men to have not lost the title onstage. Lunsford is preparing for his first title defense at the 2022 Olympia weekend. 2020 champion Shaun Clarida is the only Olympia 212/202 winner to have won an Open show.

  1. 212 Division Olympia Champions
  • 2008: David Henry
    1. 2008 Olympia
  • 2009-2011: Kevin English
    1. 2009 Olympia
    2. 2010 Olympia
    3. 2011 Olympia
  • 2012-2018: Flex Lewis
    1. 2012 Olympia
    2. 2013 Olympia
    3. 2014 Olympia
    4. 2015 Olympia
    5. 2016 Olympia
    6. 2017 Olympia
    7. 2018 Olympia
    8. 2019: Kamal Elgargni
    9. 2019 Olympia
  • 2020: Shaun Clarida
    1. 2021 Olympia
  • 2021: Derek Lunsford
    1. 2021 Olympia
  • 2022 Olympia
  • 2008: David Henry

    The debut of the new division was at the 2008 Olympia, which is historic for another reason. Dexter Jackson upset Jay Cutler to win the Mr. Olympia that year. As for the 202 contest, David Henry was among the most popular non-heavyweights globally. He managed to hold off future champions Kevin English and Flex Lewis to win his first and only Olympia title.

    2008 Olympia

    1. David Henry
    2. Kevin English
    3. Flex Lewis
    4. Jason Arntz
    5. George Farah
    6. Rashid "Roc" Shabazz
    7. Curtis Bryant
    8. Charles Ray Arde
    9. Jaroslav Horvath
    10. Charles Dixon
    11. Richard "Tricky" Jackson
    12. Jeff "Box" Long
    13. Nathan Wonsley
    14. Eric Castagnet

    Henry would compete in the Mr. Olympia contest itself that same weekend, and he placed 15th.

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    2009-2011: Kevin English

    New York native Kevin English was considered Henry’s top challenger for the title in 2009. He made good on his opportunity by upsetting the champion to become the second winner in the new division. Lewis was off the mark at this contest and finished in fifth place. Other notable names in this contest include Eduardo Correa and Jose Raymond.

    English would win two more titles, becoming the first man to win multiple Olympia 202 contests. He would miss the 2012 Olympia, which is when a rising superstar seized the moment.

    2009 Olympia

    1. Kevin English
    2. David Henry
    3. Eduardo Correa
    4. Mark Dugdale
    5. Flex Lewis
    6. Jose Raymond
    7. Tricky Jackson
    8. Jason Arntz
    9. Lee Powell
    10. John Hodgson
    11. Charles Dixon
    12. Kris Dim
    13. Clarence DeVis
    14. Stan McQuay
    15. Daryl Gee

    2010 Olympia

    1. Kevin English
    2. David Henry
    3. Eduardo Correa
    4. Jose Raymond
    5. Jason Arntz
    6. Jaroslav Horvath
    7. Stan McQuay
    8. Tricky Jackson
    9. Mike Valentino
    10. Roc Shabazz
    11. Luc Molines
    12. Bola Ojex
    13. Ahmad Ahmad
    14. Steve Namat

    2011 Olympia

    1. Kevin English
    2. Flex Lewis
    3. Jose Raymond
    4. Jaroslav Horvath
    5. Shaun-Joseph Tavernier
    6. Jason Arntz
    7. Stan McQuay
    8. Tricky Jackson
    9. Allan Auguste
    10. Marvin Ward
    11. Vaughn Ettienne
    12. Amit Sapir
    13. Guy Cisternino
    14. James Llewellin
    15. Myobo Edwards

    2012-2018: Flex Lewis

    With English out of the lineup and 10 more pounds added to the weight cutoff, this was considered Lewis’ title to win, and he did. In one of the most memorable contests in the division’s history, Lewis held off the charges of Henry, Correa, and Raymond to finally stand atop the Olympia stage. This victory began the most remarkable run for a non-heavyweight bodybuilder.


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    Lewis won the next six Olympias, making his collection seven in total. Over the years, the contenders he had to face included Raymond, Hidetada Yamagishi, Ahmad Ashkanani, and the next rising star, Derek Lunsford. Lewis would retire from the division in 2018 with intentions of competing in the Mr. Olympia Open contest, but it never happened. On May 13, 2022, Lewis announced his retirement from competitive bodybuilding.

    2012 Olympia

    1. Flex Lewis
    2. David Henry
    3. Eduardo Correa
    4. Jose Raymond
    5. Al Auguste
    6. Tricky Jackson
    7. Guy Cisternino
    8. Curtis Bryant
    9. Fernando Noronha
    10. Angel Vargas
    11. Lukas Osladil
    12. Derik Farnsworth
    13. Jamal Ahmed Elmadawy
    14. Lyndon Belgrave
    15. Raul Jimenez

    2013 Olympia

    1. Flex Lewis
    2. David Henry
    3. Kevin English
    4. Jose Raymond
    5. Eduardo Correa
    6. Sami Al-Haddad
    7. Guy Cisternino
    8. Troy Alves
    9. Tricky Jackson
    10. Mark Dugdale
    11. Al Auguste
    12. Raul Jimenez

    2014 Olympia

    1. Flex Lewis
    2. Eduardo Correa
    3. Jose Raymond
    4. Hidetada Yamagishi
    5. Baito Abbaspour
    6. Aaron Clark
    7. Sami Al-Haddad
    8. Guy Cisternino
    9. David Henry
    10. Charles Dixon
    11. Ahmad Ahmad
    12. Mark Dugdale
    13. Mboya Edwards
    14. Raul Carrasco

    2015 Olympia

    1. Flex Lewis
    2. Jose Raymond
    3. Hidetada Yamagishi
    4. David Henry
    5. Eduardo Correa
    6. Guy Cisternino
    7. Charles Dixon
    8. Ahmad Ahmad
    9. Craig Richardson
    10. Al Auguste
    11. Kyung Won Kang
    12. Alex Cambronero
    13. Marco Rivera
    14. Aaron Clark
    15. Tricky Jackson

    2016 Olympia

    1. Flex Lewis
    2. Ahmad Ashkanani
    3. Jose Raymond
    4. Eduardo Correa
    5. David Henry
    6. Hidetada Yamagishi
    7. Charles Dixon
    8. Guy Cisternino
    9. Ronny Rockel
    10. Alex Cambronero
    11. Mark Dugdale
    12. Dobri Delev
    13. Shaun Clarida
    14. Sami Al-Haddad
    15. Marco Rivera

    2017 Olympia

    1. Flex Lewis
    2. Ahmad Ashkanani
    3. Jose Raymond
    4. David Henry
    5. Derek Lunsford
    6. Milan Sadek
    7. Ronny Rockel
    8. Charles Dixon
    9. Shaun Clarida
    10. Riccardo Correia
    11. Kim Junho
    12. Nam Eun Cho

    2018 Olympia

    1. Flex Lewis
    2. Derek Lunsford
    3. Kamal Elgargni
    4. Ahmad Ashkanani
    5. Jose Raymond
    6. David Henry
    7. Shaun Clarida
    8. Alex Cambronero
    9. Riccardo Correia
    10. Dwayne Quamina
    11. Nicolas Vullioud
    12. Zane Watson
    13. Sami Al-Haddad
    14. Charles Dixon
    15. Samir Troudi

    2019: Kamal Elgargni

    In 2018, international bodybuilding champion Kamal Elgargni finally moved into the IFBB Pro League, and he made an impact by placing third in his first Olympia. That set the stage for the 2019 matchup between himself and Lunsford after Lewis’ retirement.

    2019 Olympia

    1. Kamal Elgargni
    2. Derek Lunsford
    3. Shaun Clarida
    4. John Jewett
    5. Ahmad Ashkanani
    6. Sami Al-Haddad
    7. Eduardo Correa
    8. Hidetada Yamagishi
    9. Aaron Polites
    10. Angel Calderon Frias
    11. David Henry
    12. Zane Watson
    13. Oleh Kryvyi
    14. Fahad Zaid Hazzizi
    15. Tomas Tabiciar

    Elgargni, at 48 years old, showed up in the best shape of his life, and he upset the heir apparent from Indiana to win the Olympia. Finishing in third place was Shaun Clarida, who was among the lightest men in the field.

    2020: Shaun Clarida

    Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Olympia was still held. However, it had to be rescheduled for December of 2020, and it was moved from Las Vegas, NV, to Orlando, FL. Elgargni hoped to join Lewis and English as multiple champions, while Lunsford still sought to be the best 212 bodybuilder on the planet.


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    Neither man foresaw Clarida swooping in and beating them with superb definition and a bigger physique.

    2021 Olympia

    1. Shaun Clarida
    2. Kamal Elgargni
    3. George Peterson
    4. Derek Lunsford
    5. Ahmad Ashkanani
    6. Oleh Kryvyi
    7. Angel Calderon Frias
    8. Derik Oslan
    9. Bo Lewis
    10. Guy Cisternino
    11. Jason Lowe
    12. David Henry
    13. John Jewett
    14. Hidetada Yamagishi
    15. Errol Moore

    Clarida weighed 177 pounds — over 40 pounds less than the favorites. Clarida pulled off the upset to take the title. Placing third in his first Olympia 212 was George Peterson, who had moved over from Classic Physique.

    2021: Derek Lunsford

    With the 2021 Olympia returning to Orlando, the pressure was now on Lunsford. Instead of being called the next superstar in the division, there were questions about whether he would ever make the most of the opportunity.

    Unfortunately, a dark cloud hung over the contest because Peterson died in Orlando days before the contest was held. Despite the loss, the promoters decided to hold the contest in his honor.

    2021 Olympia

    1. Derek Lunsford
    2. Shaun Clarida
    3. Kamal Elgargni
    4. Angel Calderon Frias
    5. Nathan Epler
    6. Ahmad Ashkanani
    7. Naser Mohammed
    8. Kerrith Bajjo
    9. John Jewett
    10. Tonio Burton
    11. Pasquale D’Angelo
    12. Lucas Coelho
    13. Noel Adame
    14. Keone Pearson
    15. Ahmed Elwardany

    As for that contest, Lunsford finally nailed the look he wanted to achieve, resulting in reaching the summit of his division. Clarida came in second, and Elgargni finished in third.

    2022 Olympia

    There are several questions regarding the 2022 Olympia 212 Showdown. Clarida won the 2021 Legion Sports Fest contest in the Men’s Open and is now qualified for the Open and 212. He wants to do both, but that hasn’t been granted yet.

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    Lunsford showed up in Pittsburgh, PA, at a guest posing event weighing over 250 pounds and looking like he could compete in the Open himself. Can he reach the 212-limit so he can even defend his title? Can Elgargni, at age 51, reclaim the crown? Is there a new champion out there we don’t know about yet? The 2022 Olympia will return to Las Vegas on Dec. 16-18, 2022, and all of those questions will be answered. 

    Featured Images: @flex_lewis, @shaunclarida on Instagram

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